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Drinks with the Dinosaurs

So the Oxford MBA Launch is over. Three weeks designed to introduce us to Oxford, the staff, the course content and the city.  The launch has also taught us a lot about ourselves too. When you sign up to an MBA, it isn’t just a finance and strategy course. It is a year of self-discovery and understanding to help you decide how you are going to make an impact on the world. What is your moral calculus and how is it going to improve our society? These are questions that I had not deeply considered until now, and that realisation has had a great philosophical impact on me.

The course tests you in several ways: psychological personality testing, culture and values testing and case study testing with the Blue Suitcase. The Blue Suitcase is particularly enlightening because it is so practical. Blue Suitcase is a pre-course case study on a local business, which, I think, highlights one’s areas of business weakness by asking a series of well worded questions to discover one’s natural preferences.  There are no wrong answers in any of these tests, just answers that maybe are right or wrong for you. For example, I am high in creativity, ideas and aesthetics; accountancy probably is not for me. However, I am low on empathy, and that is something that I definitely want to correct.

In the course of the launch we learned to sing an African hymn, we were introduced to the Oxford Ecosystem, with fantastic talks from outside of Saïd from the likes of Molly Crockett, who spoke to us about the neuroscience of self-control; and Crowdcube, which is crowd funding for UK start-up businesses, and we were provided the opportunity to review basic quantitative concepts, which I found extremely useful.

We have also had many lectures from the Professors, notably the eccentric genius of James W Taylor who takes the Analytics course, and Richard Barker who actually makes accountancy engaging and interesting. A notable moment in class for me was when I looked down at my textbook and realised that my tutor is its author, I knew I was in an esteemed place of learning.  The Oxford Eco-System, with its 38 colleges and 22000 students, offers access to the finest minds with the finest ideas that very few other business schools can genuinely match.

Of all of those wonderful experiences, my favourite moment has to be those dinosaurs (no, not James W Taylor and Richard Barker); our drinks party at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History was fantastic. Chatting with your new colleagues in the shadow of a Tyrannosaurus Rex has to be experienced to be believed. It made me realise the fantastic opportunity that awaits me here, nearly a thousand years of history is at Oxford and my experience will be what I decide to make of it. I hope you decide to come on the journey with me, I think it will be the ride of my life and I cannot wait.

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