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By Joyeeta Das

Confessions of an MBA holic

In one week an average human does about 40-60 hours of work  and 20 hours of recreation and needs 56 hours of sleep and about 25-45 meals .

Last week, I wrapped my head around solving a case on an actual AT Kearney consultancy contest, went punting, organized a 200 people party, made 17 new friends from Law and Medical professions, performed an Indian cultural dance on stage, learnt how to model Waitrose financially (on a darn Mac excel), went to a crazy party where we dressed up, ate formal hall dinner with the Principal of a college that is hundreds of years old, heard from Google’s Eric Schimdt sitting a few metres away, watched a documentary on poverty in Latin American countries (with 50 classmates), ate 2 new cuisines, met the celebrity professor of Blavatnik School of Government, evaluated two real businesses for an upcoming real project, mobilized local businessmen for a social action initiative to eradicate homelessness, bought tickets to (a) NARNIA themed charity ball and (b.) thought-provoking 2day conference (–YES  in that order!), attended a panel discussion on existential problems of humanity, cooked dinner for 6 friends, had a real crush, made a floor painting for an Indian celebration at school and matriculated amidst Latin verses .

Meanwhile also participated in breathing (more), sleeping(less), showering(moderate), eating (scarce).

Yes, that’s what a typical Oxford week for a Said Business School MBA looks like for me.

But guess what – the real excitement started for me months before I even started class at SBS.

Said Business School opened doors for me the moment I got the acceptance letter. The Oxford brand worked its magic way before I even stepped in here.

I was probably the only one who built a business in Oxford even before I started class. The School entrepreneurial centre “LAUNCHPAD” and the University technology transfer committee “Isis” were so supportive that not only did they approve a grant for me to come spend summer in Oxford making my own tech start-up – I was even eligible for a scholarship that allowed me to take up my MBA smoothly without any hassles.

While most MBA schools wait for one to finish school and create entrepreneurial ventures – mine helped me build it even before I started– way before I actually became a matriculated student. Such is their trust and level of support that by the time I reached the first day in the MBA program – I already had a working prototype of my product which I built in the run up to starting school and have a small team ready.

So that is my story.

And oh yes – for me recreation is 40-60 hours a week as that is pretty much my entire day and so is my studies/work. So is there an overlap here? Do the math yourself!

As for sleep- Well I sleep not more than 35-45 hours a week  and the meals ?– no point counting. They are always lesser than what I needed anyways!

So, I am definitely not an average human at this point.

Question is – Who wants to be? <Wink!>

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