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Hello readers and, most likely, prospective SBS applicants. My name is Nick Anstett. I’m a 29-year-old, Canadian, former financial communications consultant, with a darling wife and no kids (yet). This is my first blog post on behalf of the business school.

Stuart Walters and Emily McDonnell, the wonderful marketing folks at SBS, are absolutely right to assume that most applicants want to get past the glossy school brochures as quickly as possible and hear a bit of the unvarnished truth about life at a particular institution.

With that, they’ve asked me and several of my classmates to document our experiences at Saïd and Oxford. Hopefully, one of us will have something at least remotely interesting to say. And, hopefully, we can give you access to the range of emotions and events at SBS that you have no other way of experiencing directly, save putting down a hefty tuition deposit and flying here yourself.

So consider this blog and the others to be a bit of a reality simulator, a machine that puts you through a handful of the infinite situations that we witness at Oxford. If done well, maybe we can help you to safely see what it’s like to meet the new class, travel with a spouse, sit in a lecture, get a terrible grade, hunt for jobs, make mistakes, have a social life, engage with your college, dine in old buildings, buy an overpriced and under-serviced used bike, join a club, panic that you didn’t join the right club, panic that you’re not making any money, panic that you’re just not doing any of it right, and, you know, do countless other fun things in Oxford.

Of course, if anything I say strikes a cord with you, feel free to reach out to me directly at

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