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By Vikram Dalal

Launched and Matriculated

It has just been one month at the school and already we feel quite accomplished. And why not? For we have, in this short span, been both launched and matriculated!

The launch experience was immersive and intense. We were welcomed by the Dean and staff, advised by the alumni, informed of help available from staff, introduced to the course structure, told about the tools and resources at our disposal, led into experiencing Oxford institutions and rituals like the Oxford debating club and the dinner at high table with our college Master(!), given a glimpse of course lectures, got inspired by the experiences of  successful entrepreneurs and leaders, introduced to networking and public speaking best practices, presented with our personality assessment and leadership styles, involved in group activities and networking sessions, attended career sessions and company presentations, started cracking cases, pitched for student roles, met interesting people at our college(s), were solicited by hundreds of clubs and societies at the university fresher’s fair, joined committees and societies, punted and partied together…phew!

Many of the new batch still managed to share pics and insights while this was happening: #oxfordmba. Also with so many possibilities and opportunities, no wonder the top worry at the end of the launch was ‘Time’ and the top excitement was about ‘People’.

The Matriculation by contrast was a solemn affair, following centuries of tradition. It felt a bit Harry Potter-esque with thousands of us gathered in a domed theatre wearing black gowns and spoken to in Latin – just missing the magic wand that we all hope to get here. The Vice-Chancellor formally accepted us fresher’s into the university and expressed his confidence that we would have as great an influence on world affairs as the Oxonians past. (And perhaps cough as much while we are here!)

Personally, over this month, I met and interacted with a lot of super talented, ambitious, and achieving classmates. Also, among all the diversity of backgrounds and nationalities, the most remarkable is still the similarity across cultures and geographies that binds us (and by that I don’t mean alcohol and idle banter). One shared thread is that we are not satisfied with what we were doing and want to have a bigger impact. Many would like to increase their wealth while making an impression, while for some the social contribution aspect of their work is most important.  The common theme though is that everyone I meet is excited to begin this new journey and to help each other make the desired impact.

There were also lots of opportunities to meet other fellow Oxonians outside the school and to marvel at their chosen fields of study and their excitement for those; be it stem cell research, in-vitro fertilisation,  14th century French art, or 11th century Old English Literature. The overwhelming feeling is that we are part of something truly exceptional and powerful.

My top learning this month is that Oxford is a very collaborative place and that so many talented and helpful people, with tons of knowledge and experience, are eager to help me launch the next enterprise that will solve world scale problems. Good start eh?

I intend to keep sharing my journey to become a successful entrepreneur, do keep reading and sharing your own experiences.

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