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Last week of Michaelmas Term

Time just flies once the MBA program has started! It is the end of the Michaelmas term in Oxford and we have finished most of our core courses. With one final exam and 3 papers due next week, we will officially finish our first 10 weeks as MBA students.

It’s late at night and I’m still staying in the library studying for analytics – just a year ago, I decided to apply for an MBA and started studying for my GMAT. I tried to justify getting an MBA for many reasons but after a few months into the MBA program, I gained some new perspectives on why I’m going for an MBA. These might not apply to everyone.

  1. MBA is a great chance for me to realize how little I know about the world: I learn new concepts and new ideas every day, in lectures, in discussion or just during a coffee break with my classmates. I literally need to go home and “wikipedia” for half an hour on average every day
  2. Oxford MBA makes me stop to think and reflect on global issues: we spend the day talking about big business issues and apply what we learn in class to global issues. I appreciate the time sitting in a classroom – to learn and to reflect. I don’t think I will ever have the chance again in my life to do this
  3. Oxford offers me a chance to listen to business executives and other famous speakers from the world. I went to quite a few talks in Oxford Union. The experience makes my eyes wide open and get out of my little perspective from my last job at my little corner in Canada; I have a wider perspective and truly realize there is a big world out there
  4. Studying in Oxford means I get lots of chances to travel: I tried to travel every other weekend if possible. I have been to France, Switzerland, Germany and other cities in the UK since October. I will go to Austria, Italy, Hungary, and France during the winter break. Travelling makes me explore my inner self, build closer relationships with my classmates, and open my eyes wider!
Last month in Chamonix

Last month in Chamonix

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