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By Bo-Erik Abrahamsson

The MBA World Summit

After an intensive Hilary term, I have recently come back from the 2016 MBA World Summit. This is an annual event where 100 MBA students from around the world are selected to come and meet, network and share experiences.

This year’s summit took place in Miami, and I was one of the lucky attendees who went through four rounds of screening to get the privilege to participate. The schedule was packed from morning until (late) evening, with sessions in which we got to share our best learnings from our MBAs or other experiences. In the session I led, the topic was tech recruiting, as I shared my journey from working in finance in Switzerland to working in the tech industry in Singapore.

My fellow Oxonians Talisa and Neil were attending as well, which meant that Oxford was one of the more strongly represented business schools. With a combination of great weather, interesting insights and outstanding people, the time in Miami gave me memories for life, and now I can safely say that the MBA network has spread from Oxford and out to the world.

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