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Final weeks of Trinity

Can’t believe it is the 2nd last week of Trinity! This term is packed with electives, projects, career related training and also focusing on narrowing down the options in summer and after graduation. There are many under-rated reasons for doing an MBA – here are the top ones after coming to Oxford: the chance to stop and reflect on world scale issues and problem, to meet leaders who influence the world and to better understand the world from a broader perspective.

During the last 2 weeks in Oxford, I met John Kerry in person at Oxford Union and listened to his talk on corruption, violent extremism, and the environment; I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with George Foreman and I listened to Kofi Annan’s talk at Blavatnik School of Government on the priorities of UN in the 21st century. Yesterday I was sitting in the Nelson Mandela lecture theatre listening to the conversation between Dean Tufano and Reid Hoffman on entrepreneurship, leadership, and failure. The list continues…

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It is sad to think about leaving. However, the MBA experience, the network I built, the people I met, the conversations I’ve heard, the things I’ve learnt and courses I took might not perfectly prepare me to do anything I want, but the chance to think about the world from a broader and more diverse perspective and the chance to refocus myself truly empowered me.

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