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Dear Mum,

Do you remember the letters I used to write to you when I first started at Headfort School? Every Sunday morning during term time! I thought, without the element of force or censorship, that it might in fact be a nice practice to recommence. So I am duly sitting in Society Café (top 10 on google for coffee in Oxford, I absolutely concur!), taking a deep breath after week one. The only word to describe it is overwhelming. My system has sustained a serious shock! The pace of the week seemed to me to be quite frantic, I imagine from above it might have looked like a bee hive about it with students swarming from activity to activity and person to person, in a mad rush to see everything, do everything and meet everyone. I’m very relieved to have plugged entirely out and spent this weekend getting to know College people.

I’m so glad I’ve ended up in Keble, absolutely the best College (I’m getting into the College competitive spirit!). There’s a sort of a students’ union for graduates called the MCR which arranges activities during the term, they had a welcome drinks on Friday which I made it along to, as well as a cycling tour of pubs in Oxfordshire yesterday afternoon and we had glorious weather. Though on the weather we genuinely had rain, blistering sunshine and thunderous hail today, I could have been in Dublin! There was tea and cake at the MCR today as well, so I’m staying well fed! I think technically we are in week -2 but I’ve already signed up for college novice rowing (I know, but they do say size doesn’t matter that much, I can always be a cox!) and for an ice hockey session of all things, I still have both the college and the university freshers fair to go, so watch this space! Advice seems to be to try as many things as possible in Michaelmas term and then let them fall away to allow you to focus on the ones which you’ve enjoyed most, and/or studies…

Anyway best head, desperately need to buy my sub fusc (gown, cap shenanigans) as I need it for a formal college dinner next week as well as matriculation which is pending (apparently quite a spectacle).

More anon, love to Dad,


p.s. enclosed a pic taken on my walk to lectures one morning, stunning!


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