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Letters home – Launch

Dear Mum,

‘Launch’, the three week pre-term warm up, is officially over, real work starts today (though launch was hectic enough and we had lectures for nearly every one of this term’s subjects as well as some of next – so hard to ascertain the ‘pre-term’ factor!). John came up to visit, he’s an absolute champion – pleased as punch that the family is keeping it in Keble. Insisted on buying me a college scarf! I took him round the Business School’s shiny new premises and he harked back to his days of only 70 students in a drafty old converted hospital!

I still haven’t picked up my laptop, we have discounts with mac and dell and I’m torn between the comfortable familiarity of windows vs the beauty and street cred of the mac. But after pedalling about town for three weeks with my dinosaur weighing me down – it is time to retire it.

The single biggest difference between this and my undergrad’ing is the ubiquity of mobile tech – I’m slow to admit to matriculating first time around in the 90s – but we didn’t even have mobile phones let alone laptops. You wouldn’t believe the extent to which my world is now digitised – between messenger apps, social media, events apps, even our timetabling all through an app!

I’ve enclosed a couple of pics – one is University Parks just near Keble, one’s from this weekend on the Thames (or Isis as they call it) with all the novices trying out rowing.

Love to Dad, more anon,


University Parks Rowing

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