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By Akshay Dalal


Four weeks into #OxfordMBA with 328 amazing individuals, personalities and celebrities, it’s not strange to feel a little less exquisite. How am going to cope up in a class with such individuals, how am I going to get that job against that consulting guy, how am I going to get into that industry with no marketing experience, etc?

While most of us know that we have our work cut out, to play our strengths to our advantage and develop our weaknesses, pushing through in such an environment goes down to the most basic of traits. One of which is called “Anchoring” and I do have a story for you.

Imagine three boats, a Warship, a Dreamliner, and a fishing boat. A storm brews on the horizon (#TheresAStormComingMasterWayne), sea starts to get rough, and the waves higher. All three ships take stock of what needs to be done and in a distance comes the biggest wave one has ever seen. A wave as big as the one you see digitally created in movies such as San Andreas or on the Interstellar’s planet. Captains of all three ships now think about their next move. Turning back is not an option.

Switch back to (MBA) reality; you’re standing with your friends, one comes from the best consulting firm, one is an entrepreneur, one is an Olympian, and others seem to have their life on track. Up in the weeks are coming the challenges of the MBA, exams for the subjects you haven’t studied before, the applications for jobs you haven’t applied for before. You’re double thinking this whole MBA deal already; you want to return to the comfortable life you came from; reverse all the risks you took. You start questioning your strengths when things stress you a little; you think your friends will get through this, while you’ll topple.

You’re the captain of the fishing boat, while your friends are Warships and Dreamliners.  All three thinking the same thing, how do we get through this wave, your MBA, your challenges? Your inner voice, just like the captains, shouts ‘Anchor!’ and you drop it as deep as possible.

An anchor in your life, in case you are not a boat captain, can be anything you hold close and gets you through your challenge. Each one of us has one, but most of us don’t value it. It’s the one thing that keeps you going through tough days, and happily cherishes the good days. Take time to find that anchor; find that one person, hobby, strength, book, song, that you hold close and won’t want anything to get to it. Cherish it because it’ll get you through this wave and if you lose it you’ll topple. Value it more than most material things you own. There are storms coming from all sides right now, and you’re the only one in the middle. You need that anchor and you need to drop it deep down that even the biggest of waves can’t move you.

Here’s to my anchors – my Family, Friends, Dee, Gulabo, India and Cardio – getting me through all challenges that life throws at me.

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  • Reeta Singh

    Very well written. Enjoy the competition and comraderie!

  • Prasad

    Good One Akshay

  • Pallavi

    What if I am on the boat? I don’t want to lose out. Any suggestions for me?

    • Dhruv N

      Get behind warships !! You have better chances.