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By Adwoa Ameley

Stay resilient!


Successful people don’t fail right? Wrong. Failure is that hard thing that gets to you, deflates your ego and sometimes makes you question your reason for existing. Let me press it further – People in Oxford don’t fail, right. Wrong. People in Oxford are not used to failing, but failure is inevitable sometimes. This is one of the priceless lessons the MBA teaches.

It’s an uncomfortable topic. Actually, one I didn’t think of until a Professor raised it while discussing “Fail Fast, Fail Often”. We have learned about the alarming rates of failure of start-ups, and have been taught that majority of Mergers and Acquisitions do fail. That is the real world.

The MBA programme tools up its candidates to go out into the world and change it. Every programme is an experience; but the Oxford MBA programme is the experience, and part of the reason it is the experience is the pragmatic approach it takes to solving problems. We are not oblivious of the fact that we could experience some “failures” in the programme – failing a course, being rejected by ‘the dream employer’ etc – but we are confident that we don’t stay down, we get up. That’s resilience. We do not perceive failure as an end; rather, a means to an end.

It’s not surprising that Thomas Edison, after trying a thousand times to make the light bulb, said “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. Evidently, the Oxford MBA Programme agrees. Stay resilient!

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