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Getting an Oxford Experience for the Introverted (or the curious minded)

Sometimes the MBA program can be an exhaustive experience for introverts. The self-created pressure to become instant friends with classmates and professional urge to network can be daunting even for the extroverted. Being an introvert by nature, I was a bit worried about how I am going to cope with these new ties and experiences. But after passing one term here, I have understood that even for people like me, Oxford Saïd offers some amazing opportunities that no other institute can.

Here are some of the ways I have discovered, till now, to get memorable experiences and amazing friends for introverts:

1. The Colleges
For many of the graduate students, colleges are places for they vaguely relate to. Even I thought it is a place where I just need to get registered and does not have anything more to offer. But after forcing myself to go to my own college, I have found out that these places hold many hidden treasures for the uninitiated. You can connect with the interesting people and get exposed to the cutting edge academic updates about almost anything and everything.

Many of the most interesting conversations I had after coming to Oxford have been with fellow members of my college whose subject matter expertise ranged from Embryology to Nuclear Science.

2. The Oxford Union
Another great way for the introverts to enjoy Oxford is through the Oxford Union. They are always hosting events inviting the best in class thinkers from all over the world. In the first three months alone, I have seen numerous business leaders, multiple journalists and policy makers come in to share their expert opinions about the issues they are working on. It is a place where introverts can silently enjoy conversations about contemporary issues.

Oxford Saïd provides every student with a membership of the Union. So, going to one of the most iconic places in Oxford is a must for everyone.

3. Talks

There are always interesting talks going on. The most engaging conversations I had after coming here have happened in the small-scale symposiums and talks that happen in different colleges. Not only it gives one the pleasure of connecting with groups of people who share similar interests, it also allows one with excuses to visit the different colleges.

Oxford Talks is the best way to learn about these interesting events which are happening all day, every day.  It is probably impossible to get a taste of everything Oxford has to offer in one year. But I think even for the most introverted of us, both Oxford Saïd and Oxford gives ample opportunities to engage and be inspired from the MBA experience in our own ways.

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