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By Amanda Forman

Oxford Saïd came to play and play we did.

Bringing home the MBAT trophy for the second year in a row was an amazing experience. If you’re an incoming MBA, mark your calendar now and make attending this a priority!

Oxford Saïd came to play and play we did. Some (winning) highlights:

1. Battle of the Bands
Our multi-instrumental KILLER talented band, Alex in Wonderland, wowed the crowd with their constant switching between instruments and singing. Who knew that a young Michael Jackson reincarnated is actually in our class in the form of Aparna? And we will never be able to hear Havana again without thinking of Emily.

2. Crowd Pleasing Ping Pong
Paras being lifted on everyone’s shoulders after winning an important Ping Pong match against Cambridge surrounded by 50+ onlookers was such a great moment. The Ping Pong team ended up going on to win the Gold in the overall tournament. Good to know that all of those hours playing ping pong in the Common Room were not wasted.

3. Dominating Basketball
With almost no practice, both men’s and women’s teams boldly took home the gold on their respective sides. The women only conceded 6 points the entire tournament and beat Cambridge in the final 33-4. Moriah managed to break her finger the first game but managed to play through every game with the squad. #strong

4. Golden Track
One incredible track moment occurred in the Cross Country final. When Sandor sprinted across the finish line in first place the 50+ fans gathered at the track cheered him home. Looking down past him… “Is that Ian?!” It was another SBS MBA sprinting towards the finish. Then the 3rd place runner from SBS, and then the 4th. By the time the 5th and 6th place runners crossed the line (also SBS) we were all laughing. Great showing with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th places all being our amazing running classmates. The running team also placed first in the relays and many other track events, taking home the overall gold for the field.

5. Rowing Rematch
Strong showing for the rowers. After our M1 boat placed first, Cambridge M1 asked for a re-row with our M2 to determine second place. Our boys came out strong and beat the tabs to place 1, 2 in men’s rowing. The Women were dominant as well placing 2 and 3 adding enough points to take home the overall gold for Oxford. Basically, we all now want Phillipe to cheer us on at every sporting event.

6. Can’t Touch this
Touch Rugby team won and the Regular Rugby team was so intimating that the other team did not even show up to the final to play them (I guess that’s what a Ben, Ben, Lisi, Dan, Rob etc. combo will do to you). Go Blues!

7. Winning and Winning
Tennis Gold, Rock Climbing Silver (look for the video of Luke literally sprinting up the wall like he’s being pulled) and a strong showing from the Badminton and Men’s Football team over the weekend. And who could forget the (epically dressed) gold-shorted dodge ball team?

8. Swimmingly
Despite the fact that there seems to be only one pool in the entire city of Oxford, our champs also managed to win first place in the overall swimming competition.

9. Hat’s off
Sporting amazing straw hats, the Petanque team took 3rd place overall as well as did our stellar Beach Bodleian Volleyball team and our powerful Women’s Football squad (which had multiple athletes running back and forth between other sports).

10. Professional Dance Team
MBAT’s ended with a Gala dinner right down the road from the Arc de Triumph (fitting) and a Dance-off between the schools. Our ladies absolutely smashed it with on-point choreography, in sync steps and incredible energy. Their hours of practice showed – so in sync and so spicy!

11. Smells Like Team Spirit
And of course special shout out to the professional hecklers (RJ leading the charge) and Spirit Squad (led by Mascots Ludo and Roy). The team spirit and support of the cohort was lightning.

Oxford MBA’s get things done and that was demonstrated most by none other then our own Sports Rep, Camila, who organised all 190 of us to get there and back again. She is the queen of the tournament and made this incredible experience possible.

MBAT’s is so much more then a sporting tournament. It is a practical demonstration of team work, collaboration, leadership, communication, organization, flexibility and heart. We came out stronger, closer and better because of the time spent together.

Go Dark Blue!

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