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By Vaughan Bagley

Running out of time

As Lin Manuel Miranda so aptly noted in his world-famous musical, Alexander Hamilton wrote like he was running out of time. As Oxford Saïd students, we literally are running out of time – and we feel it every single day.

As I sit and reflect on my first month in this seemingly sleepy, yet bustling, intellectual mecca, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to have been given the chance to experience this place and yet, an almost unbearable responsibility to get everything I can out of it – and maybe even leave a little something of myself behind.

But how do we do everything in only one year, while still passing the program we came here to learn from? How do we balance the lessons Saïd gives us every day, with the teachings that come from experiencing Oxford? How can we go to the Union debate, the college formal dinner, Impact Lab, and the Business Finance Support Class all in the same night? Unfortunately for us, we can’t.

Sadly, I have not yet found Harry Potter’s potion for being in multiple places at once, and I am not sure if searching the Oxford halls for it is the best use of what little time I have. Instead, I have come to terms with the knowledge that time is my enemy this year. We can’t do everything – but with only one year, I am absolutely game to try.

So, to do this, my newfound analytics proficiency has taught me that I need to determine my own efficiency ratio. What is the maximum about of time I can spend doing everything I possibly can to soak up the rich history, diversity and breadth of this place before I lose my marbles? Aka how do I reach that highest level of efficiency without approaching my personal breaking point?

I haven’t quite answered that question for myself yet but while I attempt to figure out that sensitive balance, I am painfully aware that I, like Mr. Hamilton, must do everything like I am running out of time.

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