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By Nana Abena

After 70 Days….

After 2 months at Oxford, I have learned some life lessons, made some mistakes, made some incredible friends, met some powerful people and the most exciting part is that, it’s just the beginning.

On 17 September 2018, about 300 students from over 60 countries gathered at the Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre at the Saïd Business School. It was an exciting atmosphere with a pinch of anxiety as we took our seats in the theatre.

The programme began with a two-week MBA launch where we were introduced to our class, our courses and the business school.

I probably introduced myself more times than I had in my twenty-nine years on earth, but it was during this time I realised how incredibly diverse our cohort is.

The MBA 2018-2019 group had students from all over the world, with incredible experiences, amazing feats and as I listened to their stories, I appreciated the wealth of knowledge available to me for the next 12 months and even beyond.

As I walked back to my residence that evening, it all suddenly hit me… I was in Oxford!

As the weeks progressed, classes began, exams were written and somewhere in between we matriculated (one of the many weird and yet enjoyable traditions of Oxford).

My perspectives have been challenged, my biases revealed, and character strengthened. I have been humbled by how much more I must learn and yet at the same time almost proud, because I know I am in the right place to bridge that gap. What I have come to understand is the importance of being honest with myself; in what I know and do not know.


At the Radcliffe Camera (Left); My Friend Haruka (Right)

This is an incredible university with a rich history and certainly, the Nana that walked in the lobby of Saïd Business School on that ‘warm’ September morning has evolved into a more confident and self-aware individual; and the most exciting part is that, it’s just the beginning.

It really doesn’t matter where you are from, what matters is what happens going forward. We are a group of intelligent students at a world class university solving world scale problems.
Oxonians let’s take our place!!!

H.E. Mokgweetsi EK Masisi






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