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A Glimpse Inside 1 MBA’s Year at Oxford

In the second blog I wrote for Saïd Business School, I wrote about how helpful portfolios are to maintain a growth mindset. I am a huge portfolio advocate because they allow people to collect pictures, papers, and other evidence of how much they’ve grown over a period of time. In the spirit of encouraging the next class of Oxford MBAs to celebrate their progress over the course of the year, I thought I would share some artefacts from mine!

  1. Being known: Prior to doing the MBA, I was very hesitant to “put myself out there.” I preferred to work behind the scenes, so when I had the opportunity to pitch with my team at the Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum, I was quite anxious. After speaking at the forum as well as pitching at other events, I am becoming more comfortable with visible roles.

    From a “small” crowd….                        …to a “big” (and older) one.

  2. From human learning to machine learning: If you had asked me at the beginning of my MBA if I would be studying machine learning, I would have found that absurd. I came to school interested in social entrepreneurship and early childhood education, and I didn’t see any links between those things and machine learning. Yet from my first term, I came to appreciate that machine learning and other technological innovations could be a real resource to solving major challenges in the early childhood education field. I am by no means an expert, but I’ve been taking coding and machine learning classes at Oxford, and I will continue to learn after my time here.
  3. Making new friends: Connecting with people is something I felt comfortable doing before the MBA, but this year has given me a unique opportunity to forge some very close friendships in a short amount of time. Looking back, the relationships I have with my classmates are the most precious things I’ve gained through this program.
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