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By Sergio M. Navarro

A Story of a Healthcare Start-up: Lessons in Entrepreneurship

For the past year at Oxford has been a formative and amazing experience, filled with tremendous opportunities for growth and development. I wanted share a few reflections from our Entrepreneurship Project, where our team worked with Saïd Business School mentors and surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic to develop a start-up company, Trinity Analytics, which specialises in applying artificial intelligence to predict and better manage healthcare outcomes.

What started with an idea in a Trinity College pub has evolved into a company now applying for government funding and successfully winning grants and accelerator memberships. But more importantly, we became an unforgettable team.

A few things I learned:

  1. Vision: The first thing we did as a team was ensure that we (meaning all stakeholders involved) all had a consistent and clear vision of what we were trying to accomplish as a team and company and that we were all equally capable of communicating that vision.
  2. Delegation: Ownership and leadership means trusting your teammates fully in their assigned responsibilities, and endowing full control over tasks, whether developing relationships with hospitals and external clients, at the same time being flexible to short-term goals in favour of achieving long-term ones
  3. Friendship: Starting a company with my MBA classmates has given me a unique opportunity to forge some very close friendships in a short amount of time. Looking back, the relationships I have with my teammates are the most precious things I’ve gained through this programme.
  4. Sprint, Rest, Sprint: Building a successful start-up company is a marathon, but sometimes the most efficient way to make meaningful growth is to sprint, rest, and then sprint some more. We learned to be focused and efficient with the time we had together to make meaningful progress in bursts of hard work and effort

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