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By Jiaxian Shi

MBA students are built for disruption and change

When you ask an Oxford MBA student the reasons why they decided to come to Oxford, many of them will tell you that they made up their mind largely due to the unique learning experience in this centuries-old prestigious university. Sitting in the Harvard style lecture room and having discussions with both professors and peers is not the only thing you can expect.

You can take part in innovative projects with students from all different disciplines in the Oxford Foundry; you can also attend guest lectures delivered by world famous journalists and Nobel Prize-winning economics; you can even have a discussion about business history with a Professor on a boat, down the Thames, on a bright and sunny afternoon. But all of these no longer seem possible in the next few months. Covid-19 has changed the world so much, that everyone – including Oxford MBA students – has to make bitter adjustments.

The school changed the learning method from on-site to online in the last two weeks of Hilary term, and announced that Trinity term will probably be delivered in a similar style. Meanwhile, people are told to stay at home until further notice. Just imagine that you are told not to go out after such a long and dim winter, just when spring is in the air! But MBA students are optimists and innovators. If there are people who can easily adjust to new technology and lifestyle, they are MBA students, or they should apply for the MBA course sometime in the future!

My current classroom

We are all trying to be (or pretending to be) experts at leading business changes. It is a perfect opportunity for us to try this out by first changing our mindset and everyday life. Learning online seems inefficient, but after two weeks of struggling, the experience becomes not that unacceptable at all. Thanks to the internet, people are getting the chance to learn at their own pace. Both the students and the school are working together to improve the system so that the learning experience in Trinity can be boosted to it’s highest potential. (Remember MBA students like improving just as much as changing.)

It is this crisis that helps us to realize that peaceful everyday life is so precious, and communication with people is indispensable. Maybe several years later, when people begin to forget these turbulent days, we will be proud of ourselves that we managed to improve ourselves in this very challenging but valuable times that not many MBAs are able to experience!

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