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I am from Australia, where I have been working as a Management Consultant to help people deal with change. Most recently, I have been researching the skills needed, especially for vulnerable populations, to prepare for digital disruption.

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Posted by: on November 28, 2017

Impact – how can we best spend our time to be most effective?

When everyone is talking about start-ups, the next big thing and being their own boss, what are the best questions to ask ourselves? Where are the best solutions? I have been asking myself this question a lot since starting my MBA. Entrepreneurship, especially in the social impact space, seems to focus on the ability for […]

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Posted by: on August 31, 2017

Introduction to Meredith Caldwell

Here is an introduction to Meredith Caldwell who will be joining the MBA programme in September 2017. Meredith will be a regular blogger on this site, sharing her Oxford experience over the next 12 months.   Q1. In one word, how would your best friend describe you, and how would you manager describe you? Best […]

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