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A lot of hope, a lot of excitement and lots of expectations as my future starts to unravel in this amazing journey that will be the MBA. I’ll be writing about my experiences in Oxford and the perils of crossing the streets in a place where cars come from the other side. And bikes! I should not forget about bikes. And punting! I should not forget about punting either. And rain! well.. I could keep going forever but I’m late for rowing and visiting colleges older than the Aztec empire. Cheers!

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Posted by: on November 23, 2015

Job hunting as an MBA student

Looking for a job is a big thing when you are studying an MBA. People haven’t even had one exam and they have already applied for more jobs than Steve’s family tree. It’s not always easy, many students are very clear on what they want but most of them don’t have the least idea. They […]

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Posted by: on October 6, 2015

So far, the best thing I’ve experienced

It’s been two weeks since I arrived in Oxford and I feel this weird sensation that I have been here for ages, at the same time I feel terribly surprised by how fast time goes by. This combo is generated by the amount of events, classes, exhibitions, tours, sports, and every single thing there is […]

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