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Rebecca worked most recently for the Irish government, attracting Shipping and Shipping Services FDI to Ireland. Prior to that she was the Deputy Director for Trade & Investment for the UK Government in Ireland, based in the British Embassy Dublin. Rebecca graduated from the University of Edinburgh before training as a Chartered Banker on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Graduate Programme. Backed by her extensive experience in representational work, diplomacy and relationship building she now plans to move into Corporate Affairs.

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Posted by: on December 16, 2016

Letters home – I am so so sorry

Dear Mum, I am so so sorry, I’ve sat down so many times to write, actually that’s not entirely true – I’ve thought about sitting down to write so many times! But I can’t even begin to describe how busy the term ended up being – far more so than I ever imagined! A few […]

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Posted by: on October 10, 2016

Letters home – Launch

Dear Mum, ‘Launch’, the three week pre-term warm up, is officially over, real work starts today (though launch was hectic enough and we had lectures for nearly every one of this term’s subjects as well as some of next – so hard to ascertain the ‘pre-term’ factor!). John came up to visit, he’s an absolute […]

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Posted by: on September 29, 2016

Letters Home

Dear Mum, Do you remember the letters I used to write to you when I first started at Headfort School? Every Sunday morning during term time! I thought, without the element of force or censorship, that it might in fact be a nice practice to recommence. So I am duly sitting in Society Café (top […]

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