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Happy to meet you! I’m particularly interested in future-focused technologies that have the potential to deeply change society through new markets and new products. That same interest previously brought me first to Google, where I worked on mobile partnership products, and later to the US Federal Communications Commission, where I helped craft modern public policy rules for the future of the Internet. I can usually be found in the science fiction section of my local bookstore. Email me with your favorite book recommendations!

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Posted by: on July 27, 2016

Student Spotlight #1

Everyone I’ve spoken with from our incoming class seems really excited to get to know their other classmates. Of course they are! We’re quite fun and interesting people, if I do say so myself. But we also have a quite large class size of about 320. There’s no way you’ll be able to truly get […]

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Posted by: on July 12, 2016


A few of you may be shocked to hear this, but I’ve recently discovered that writing a blog is not the only way to get in touch with other incoming students. Surprise! The incoming MBA class of 2016-2017 has been using a special forum for communication: Telegram. Telegram, for those of you lacking in an […]

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Posted by: on June 21, 2016

Hello, I’m Sagar

And you should read my blog! Why? Because this blog is ambitious. How ambitious? This blog will be the best blog ever to have been written in the entire 920 blessed years of this university, from the time a bunch of wandering lecturers decided to band together to form the first teachers’ union against the […]

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