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South Africa





Sam has experience in consultancy work and would like to build an emerging market private-equity fund.

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Posted by: on April 21, 2015

The term with the most moving parts

Two thirds through my MBA and things are dovetailing into a final term filled with opportunities and answers. This past term had many moving parts, with coursework, competitions and extensive private equity (PE) interviews. The coursework was split between core and non-core subjects covering investment, strategic and economic competencies. It also addressed global issues and […]

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Posted by: on February 16, 2015

A fighting spirit

This year has gotten off to a frantic start, as is always the case for all final-year MBA students. January brings the intersection of three professional buckets: the interviewing rush, the innumerable challenges we wittingly and unwittingly commit to and the ramp up of coursework. My experience and reaction to all these forces thus far […]

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Posted by: on December 18, 2014

The new to-do list

Michaelmas Term (the first term at the University of Oxford) is saying its last goodbyes and with those goodbyes the first chapter of my MBA journey comes to an end. I have been surprised by how quickly the time has flown and by the level of growth and change that has taken place in such a […]

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Posted by: on November 19, 2014

The benefits of a prestigious university

What does it mean to be ‘embedded within a world-class university’? This is an expression I have heard more than 30 times now, since starting my MBA two months ago. A simple explanation is: I am not only a student of the business school but also a student of the university at large, belonging to […]

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