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Posted by: on June 30, 2022

A culture of collaboration like no other

I recently had a call with an acquaintance who was interested in learning more about the MBA experience. “Isn’t it competitive?” they asked me. I could not repress a chuckle. Although I could understand their assumption about business students, I was very proud to tell them that Saïd Business School (SBS) was quite the opposite. […]

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Posted by: on April 30, 2022

Use these top tools for success in your MBA

Everyone told me that this year would fly by. I would blink, and it would be over. As we enter Trinity Term, while it is only technically 50% over, I consider it to be 75% as this will be the last term that I spend in Oxford, sitting in Saïd Business School, debating and discussing […]

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Posted by: on March 17, 2022

Reflections on OSEF

By Bartek Ogonowski and Youmna Sirgi, Oxford MBA 2021-22 On February 25th, over 500 attendees made up of students, alumni and externals, as well as 27 global speakers, came together at the Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (#OSEF22). The annual event was momentous as for the first time it was in a truly hybrid format, apt […]

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Posted by: on January 12, 2022

What I’ve been grateful for in Michaelmas term

Throughout the last few years, I kept a weekly gratitude journal on and off. At the end of each week, I would write down 3 things I was grateful for. When the MBA started, this was one of my past routines that I didn’t quite keep up with. So for this blog post, I’ve decided […]

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Posted by: on December 20, 2021

Choosing the uncertain future: reflections on the first term

“You need to make the choice between a certain present and an uncertain – potentially better – future.” Our Organizational Behavior professor Michael Gill stood at the front of the classroom, with a picture of an empty white room projected behind him. He’d described a scenario: what if we woke up from our life as […]

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Posted by: on December 17, 2021

Student treks pre-MBA

At a time when ‘together’ comes with a small side of anxiety, and ‘new friends’ are something we haven’t thought about in nearly two years, coming into a brand new journey like an MBA program, I knew it was more important now than ever to find a way to bring everyone together. With COVID19 restrictions […]

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Posted by: on December 13, 2021

Life as a Mom.B.A.

As my section was trying to wrap their heads around the Capital Asset Pricing Model, I felt myself float far outside my zone of comfort. It felt amazing. It felt like true growth. Growth characterizes my first term at the Oxford Saïd MBA program. Bouncing around from class to Union debates, panel discussions of Oxford […]

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Posted by: on December 9, 2021

Education enriches you – and challenges you

Before Oxford, during my life I had already taken a few unconventional paths. Born in Colombia, my parents and I immigrated to New York twenty years ago, then we moved to New Jersey, then again to Pennsylvania. Next, I went to university in Tennessee. After graduating, I worked in Texas, then in Italy. I interned […]

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Posted by: on November 8, 2021

Meet the Oxford MBA Class of 2021-22: Sophie Frankham-Smith

We are excited to welcome the Oxford MBA Class of 2021-22 to Oxford. Get to know our incoming students in this blog post series. Tell us about yourself Sector/Industry you worked in pre-MBA: Management Consulting Sector/Industry you are hoping to work in post-MBA: Strategy and Operations or Entrepreneurship Country of residence before coming to Oxford: United States (Washington, D.C.) […]

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Posted by: on October 29, 2021

How garbage led me to Oxford

My journey to Oxford started with an experience I never should have had. It was 2014, and I was a year away from completing my undergrad at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah, USA. Two friends invited me to join them on a summer study-abroad program at the University of Cambridge. I flatly said no. […]

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