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Posted by: on October 12, 2018

Get to know Vee Tyamzashe

Q1. In one word, how would your best friend describe you, and how would you manager describe you? Best friend: Charismatic Manager: Dedicated Q2. Tell us about where you have come from and what has led you to Oxford. South African by nationality but born and raised in Zimbabwe. I have lived mainly in South […]

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Posted by: on August 23, 2017

Post-MBA Thoughts on Purpose

In Trinity Term one of my favourite MBA electives was the Nature of the Corporation. In this course we asked, “what’s the purpose of a corporation?”, “do companies need to have a clear purpose?”, “how many corporations adhere to a healthy reason for their being?”, “is this reason good for shareholders alone or does it have a […]

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Posted by: on June 30, 2017

The emerging world of FinTech in London -1

by Charles Cohick and Ankit Jhaveri Rapid growth of technology development has disrupted how conventional and traditional businesses function globally. During a week in London with Professor Nir Vaulkin and Dr Maria Nikolou from University of Oxford, we connected with several individuals who are transforming the financial services industry in London. The idea was to understand […]

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Posted by: on October 4, 2016

Lessons learnt from an MBA: Aim high!

A few weeks ago, I finished my MBA degree from Oxford University. One of the most important lessons I learnt is this: Aim high. Constantly being surrounded by smart, driven, and passionate people showed me what high levels of excellence can be achieved with hard work, persistence, and a little luck. Two years ago, nothing […]

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Posted by: on September 30, 2016

Leading through Contradiction: The Power of Contrast and Diversity

Last week saw the launch of our MBA programme with some 300 classmates representing over 50 countries, 1,500 years of combined work experience, and a colourful range of professional and personal backgrounds. We have entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, doctors, consultants, financiers, journalists, artists, and even an Olympic medallist. Every single one of my classmates has an […]

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Posted by: on August 23, 2016

5 Unusual Bits of Advice for Curiosity-Driven MBA Students

They say curiosity killed the cat. The truth is it didn’t. The real culprits were care and too much worry. Those are the things that killed the beloved furry mammal some 400 years ago. However the original proverb, ‘care killed the cat’, conceded to ‘curiosity killed the cat’ because the latter version had an irresistible […]

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Posted by: on July 22, 2016

Was it worth it to take a year off to do an MBA?

“As he walked towards business school for the last time on a mild summer day, Andreas couldn’t help but think what he had achieved this year. Just a year ago, he had embarked on what promised to be a golden year. In order to do so, he had traded a safe job for an uncertain […]

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Posted by: on June 24, 2016

A Persian Man in New York

Our intense yet inspiring Pershing Square one-week trek to New York began on 23rd of May when we were warmly welcomed by the Pershing Square Foundation’s board, including Bill Ackman, the founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, and Dr. Olivia Tournay Flatto, the president of the Pershing Square Foundation. The trek is part of the […]

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Posted by: on June 9, 2016

Become a better leader by being a better listener

In popular culture, great leaders are often portrayed as lone geniuses. However, I believe leadership is a team effort. As the saying goes, “a leader without followers is just taking a walk”. I believe that great leaders are also great listeners, enabling them to lead their organizations to greatness. In my MBA, I had an […]

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Posted by: on May 12, 2016

Beware of keeping busy – What the Oxford MBA taught me about being conscious a...

In my MBA, I learned a lot of the skills I had imagined I would. I learned to be a better leader by being a better listener, a better strategist by being able to connect the dots, and a better manager by understanding how different business functions interact to create value. However, some of my […]

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