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Posted by: on August 18, 2020

6 Things to Know Before Applying to the Oxford MBA

As I step away from the MBA, I’m reminded of what brought it all together: applying to the program. With an increasing number of students reaching out to me to ask ‘what advice do you have for applying?’, I thought I’d share a couple things I’d recommend. Of course, the Oxford MBA recruitment and admissions […]

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Posted by: on August 18, 2020

Get to know Dalina Morón, Class of 2020-21

Tell us about yourself: I have 9 years of digital marketing experience with over 7 of those years at Google. I’m from Comodoro Rivadavia, a small town in Patagonia Argentina. I have lived in Buenos Aires (ARG), Mexico City (MEX) and Boulder, Colorado (US). Sector/Industry you worked in pre-MBA: Online marketing/technology Sector/Industry you are hoping […]

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Posted by: on July 27, 2020

Why I am going back to India

The British summer is luring everyone to don their swimsuits and have a pint by the river. It is 30 degrees and a cool breeze flows in from my window in Oxford. I see horses grazing at Port Meadow on the banks of the river Thames. They are slowly getting outnumbered by people carrying sling […]

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Posted by: on July 20, 2020

Interviews with Alumnae: Soline Cussac

Right after the end of my MBA programme, I moved back to Hong Kong, where I was already working before the MBA to join a risk consulting firm called Blackpeak as the Head of Marketing. While the move was primarily motivated by personal reasons, I also chose this city so I could fully leverage my […]

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Posted by: on July 15, 2020

My journey post MBA

“You will really understand the value of the MBA after 2-3 years,” a friend and Oxford MBA alumnus told me last year. I took the MBA as a reflection and learning year: to get to know myself better, improve my leadership skills, understand my strengths and my values in contrast, get to connect with people […]

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Posted by: on July 14, 2020

Stepping into the Oxford Union & British Parliamentary Debate

Through the loving support of my MBA colleagues, I am very honoured to have been elected in first position into Oxford Union’s governing Standing Committee. At the heart of the Oxford experience, we are the world’s largest and perhaps most well-known debating society. We host speeches and debates by distinguished guests ranging from global leaders […]

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Posted by: on July 13, 2020

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Impact Investment

Inequality is one of the greatest challenges of our time, hampering growth, spurring strife and instability and impeding human development. Income inequality has been worsening across countries since the turn of the century and is likely to be tremendously exacerbated by COVID-19. The impact investment sector has been a powerful force for progress towards many […]

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Posted by: on July 7, 2020

How do you turn a business idea into a real business?

This question haunted me long before I came to Oxford. In my former company, I worked on a project in which I was supposed to help my colleagues in our headquarters to introduce a newly developed product into the local market. However, the project was never executed smoothly. I cold-called dozens of customers and paid […]

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Posted by: on June 30, 2020

Interviews with Alumnae: Anna Nilsson

After Oxford I changed my career trajectory completely, from Energy Trading in Germany, to Google in Dublin – a phenomenon referred to as ‘triple jumping’ in the MBA world. I had never been to Ireland before but was used to moving to where the job was so it came quite naturally to me. It was […]

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Posted by: on June 29, 2020

Interviews with Alumnae: Sanjana Govil

Three lessons from my MBA journey. Passion is good, but experience is better. When I applied to SBS in 2016, I was a VC lawyer for impact investors and social enterprises who wanted to do what my clients were doing. I had been bitten by the social impact bug a few years prior while clerking […]

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