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Forming Storming Norming Performing and the chances of love

Dear beloved loyal reader(s),

The niceties have ended and the class of 14/15 are now on the second stage of Bruce Tuckman’s famous theory of team development. As people get used to their surroundings and their new colleagues, competition creeps in, opinions are voiced and unsightly behaviour conducted which can have a negative effect on the classroom atmosphere.  Fortunately, as the elder statesman of my class, I have seen this before many times before at Sandhurst, the Defence Academy and on operations.  It will happen on any MBA, in fact in any organisation that throws new people together, and the good news is it doesn’t last very long.  Soon, everybody in the class will know their role and feel at home and normalise.

It therefore won’t be long before we have our very own 14/15 MBA lovebirds.  (The gambling book for this exists in the deep Oxford underground and you need offer several passwords at very salacious establishments before you get into the speakeasy of which couples at what odds – but rest assured the notorious statistical criminal king-pin Professor James W Taylor (AKA “the Book Keeper”) is ensuring the whole process is statistically accurate by using predicative modelling).

These last couple of weeks have been very invigorating for me indeed.  I visited J.P. Morgan in Bournemouth, which is J.P’s European support hub.  A wonderful building and a wonderful day with people that were friendly smart and engaging.  I am off to the London one on Tuesday so I will tell you how that goes.  And this leads me on to a key point about careers:  grow your network.  Start now, and save yourself the pain of trying to do it on the MBA.  Your network is not about knowing certain people, it is about all of your friends who can find out when recruiting events are on and can introduce you to people at those events or give you the inside track on how CVs are written; cast your net wide, and be nice!

I am also organising the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC).  I aim to give Oxford MBAs the best opportunity to compete with the rest of the finest MBA schools in the world.  Last year, our Social Venture team won the global competition, so quality is high on my agenda.  If you are an entrepreneur who would like to pitch your idea to MBAs on VCIC please get in touch.

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