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Paper Tigers and Intrapreneurs

Dear Friends,

It has been an action-packed time at Saïd Business School since I last blogged.  We have had exams, which were in the main okay (as long as you revise) apart from the odd paper tiger.  Time intensive though, and I now know what the admissions team (big shout to Gisela who is the only person who has ever admitted to reading my blog) meant when they said it would be your fellow students who you learn the most from.  Had it not been for Jameson Riley (even bigger shout – though he’s far to cool to read my blog), me turning up to the Business Finance exam would have been akin to turning up to a jamming session with the Rolling Stones carrying a Banjo.  You learn from each other and you look after each other on this MBA – no space for a lone wolf here.

I have also been applying for jobs and have had meetings with a range of banks.  I have decided that I want to go into Anti Money Laundering with a particular focus on terrorist financing and sanctions.  I think a role such as this is the best way to merge my previous experience with the MBA, and that is what the MBA is all about, it is not a stand-alone qualification, it is a course that will magnify and develop the skills you already have and enhance your previous skill set.  In most cases, career changing is a slow evolution, not an overnight success, well it is for me.

We start a new term next week, after the Entreprenuership Project (my team’s idea, Insider, is a real money-spinner – invest now), and I am particularly looking forward to studying my electives.  This is the first time the course has given us a choice on what we study.  I am particularly looking forward to Corporate Valuation, particularly after the Business Finance exam (I chose my elective before I sat said exam).  That said, it will be an excellent learning experience of a skill I have no idea about, and I believe that the hard work will pay off in the end and lead to a me being a more rounded individual.  The more I study the quant side, the more I enjoy it.

I was lucky to meet a few of the MBA’15 cohort.  A very likeable bunch and I am sure that judging by the standard and intellect of those I met, MBA15 will be every bit as rewarding as MBA 14 has been for me so far.  I am even lucky enough to be let loose on a candidate as a mentor.

I am busy organising VCIC@OXFORD’15, herding Oxford’s finest entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to our MBAs.  It is on 31 Jan 15, and I will report back how it goes.  If any of you are budding entrepreneurs who want to pitch to our guys, then please do get in touch.  A mixture of VCs and SBS faculty will be judging the event, so it may offer a very good opportunity for a budding entrepreneur to get  good advice on their business and a bit of networking too.

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