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By Andreas Glinz

And we are off

In the past three weeks, we ran through the Launch, an introduction to the MBA programme. We got to know our peers, enjoyed inspiring key-note lectures and got a taste of the academic rigour in our first classes. It was an incredibly intense start to the programme (try remembering 300 new names), but is has built a great foundation for the coming year. Three things stuck out for me during the Launch. We are great. We are collaborative. We are all different. This is week 3 of the Oxford MBA.

We are great

The achievements of my peers have deeply impressed me. There is the entrepreneur who has built a multi-million-dollar company. There is the investment banker who retired two years ago in his mid-thirties. There is the award-winning publicist, the experienced full-stack programmer, the economist-turned-social-entrepreneur – the list goes on. What impressed me most of all though is the humility that they all possess. Even though all my peers have accomplished a lot, they don’t feel it is necessary to revel in their feats. This made their achievements stand out even more to me, and makes me want to get to know everyone better.

We are collaborative

We are building a culture of collaboration, rather than competition. We help each other out, share our expertise, and collaborate to ensure everyone gets the most out of their time here. The business school encourages and fosters this kind of collaboration. Unlike many traditional schools, exams are not graded using a normal distribution. Rather, they are graded on an individual basis. As a result, every one of us could get a distinction – or everyone could fail! This creates an amazing sense of community and team spirit. We are truly in this together!

We are different

The diversity in the class is phenomenal. It is an eclectic mix of personalities, nationalities, genders, as well as professional and educational backgrounds. We are 340 students from a total of 54 countries. There are accountants, architects, consultants, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, financiers, lawyers, teachers, and many more. This diversity enriches every discussion in every class, and makes this programme genuinely stand out.

Ready set go!

We all have our own hopes and fears for this coming year as we move on to the first of three terms (Michaelmas). In the final session of the launch, each of us shared what we are most anxious and most excited about. We are most excited about our transformation, forging new friendships, and discovering new opportunities. At the same time, we are most anxious about our careers, managing our time, and exams.

Personally, I am most excited about making new friends and my personal growth during this year. What I am most anxious about is managing my energy in a way that allows me to tackle all the things I set out to do this year.

On Monday, the first of three terms starts. I am excited to dive in!

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