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By Andreas Glinz

Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay awake

It is week five of the Oxford MBA, and we a rolling full-steam. The average weekday sees six hours worth of class-time. The classes are highly collaborative, mentally stimulating and extremely engaging. Everyone contributes to class, and adds context to theory through their professional expertise. It is truly fantastic and everything I had hoped for.

On the flip side, the stories about tremendous workload that alumni told (some even warned) me about are ringing true.  Time between class is busy with group assignments, readings, as well as countless conversations with my peers. Career planning is catching up fast, as my first application deadlines are only a few short days away. In addition, Oxford offers a broad range of exciting activities. In my first weeks here, I have learned to love the debates at the Oxford Union, have started exploring the 38 colleges, and have taken up rowing with my college boat club. Also, I had the distinct pleasure to be elected section representative by my peers, and am volunteering for Oxford’s Peer Support Programme. Did I mention my fiancé and I are planning our wedding? Time flies.

It is easy to lose focus among all these activities. However, it is crucial to keep the big picture in mind. In my view, the Oxford experience is about much more than just the business school.  Oxford offers a unique environment, full of vibrant heritage, rich in exciting opportunities, and alive with inspiring people. Take my college hall. Built in 1520, it has been almost in constant use as a mass hall since. During a typical dinner, I mingle with astrophysicists, biologists, mathematicians, medical doctors, engineers, historians, linguists, musicians and many more.  Where else can one have this experience?

My key learning of the past two weeks has been this: Set your priorities, and rigorously plan your schedule. My experience is turning out to be every bit as amazing and as exhausting as I had hoped for! These past two weeks have been a rush, and it starts feeling addictive.

Stay hungry, stay foolish, and stay awake!

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