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By Ky Choi

There’s always a way

After leaving the military last December, I decided to get my feet wet in the technology sector, the industry I want to be involved after Oxford. After working many different roles in the private and public sector, I realized that the technology has been and will always be the main force that changes and influences people, businesses, sectors and even governments. I wanted to take parts in this exciting industry to make impacts and change lives.

Ok that’s fabulous. The problem was, I didn’t know anything and anybody in the tech scene. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Every time I researched on positions in the tech industry, it always wanted someone with coding experience or a computer science degree, which scared me. I only had 9 months to spare until Oxford, so I really needed to make the most out of it.

So I sat down and reflected on what I went through and who I am now. After some thoughts, I realized that my strengths lie in my diverse experience from the concert, trading and military sector, which taught me so many things, from event planning, marketing and international business, to inside knowledge on military plus leadership and teamwork skills.

OK that’s great, But I still don’t know how to code and I still don’t have a computer science degree. So I thought to myself – what kind of businesses would need someone like me? This was harder than my previous quest. There were unpleasant moments that I doubted myself – what can I do? Do I have a chance in this industry? Is there a way?

Then one day, I saw Amazon selling Google Cardboard on sale. Without giving too much thought, I ordered one and tried it on, then I was silent for an hour. It was beyond mind blowing and I knew that this would change the world. I said to myself – it has so much potential in every sector you can imagine – concert and entertainment industry, hardware and camera makers overseas, and even the military can use this on so many levels.

Then I paused and thought to myself – wait a minute, am I not the expert in all of these sectors mentioned? Wouldn’t VR companies want someone like me that can connect all these dots?

The answer was clear now. I knew what I wanted and where I would be wanted. There were many startups and larger companies trying to lead early in the game. As soon as I found my target company I want to join, I went to a networking event and directly spoke to the CEO. The message was simple and clear – I have these awesome things to offer, so hire me until September.

She liked what she heard. Next day, the HR manager invited me for an interview and I started working there since May. I get to meet and work with clients from all over the sector – tourism, entertainment, hospitals, sports, camera manufacturers…the list goes on. Every day I get excited to use my expertise in various sectors and explore how I can use VR to change the world.

This is a small victory in a long journey to the tech industry, but I am no longer afraid. Turns out – I never needed the knowledge in coding or a computer science degree. All I needed was a clear vision on what I can do, what I want, and where I would be wanted. There’s no need to look at what others can do or where I would not be wanted. I just need to focus on myself and be confident in who I am – because there’s always a way.

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