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By Surabhi Vaidya

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Disclaimer: Sincere apologies to non-Indians who haven’t seen this movie so won’t understand the context behind the title. (Bhaag means run in Hindi)

The situation two weeks ago –

You are serving your notice period and work days aren’t as stressful anymore. You realise that this is making you lazy.

But you cannot afford to do that. Because Business School starts in September and you have to be disciplined – mentally and physically – to make the best out of a two-year curriculum squeezed into one year, absorb the most from the wonderful experience that Oxford has to offer, get a job and pay off your student loan.

So you decide to run- because a disciplined body leads to a disciplined mind (Or so you’ve heard).

First few minutes into your run (some thumping music playing in your ears), your mind clears and you start making your to-do list:

  1. Start with the packing- you need to move back home and have amassed way too much stuff over the past 6 years. So you run.
  2. You have missed out on a couple of webinars due to work commitments and need to watch them. You run.
  3. You still haven’t started with your finance lab preparation. You run some more.
  4. You are halfway through your financial modelling course and the deadline is round the corner. You run.
  5. You need to go through consulting case studies because preparation is the key (that’s what you’ve gathered from the Consulting webinar). You run faster.
  6. The GBP/INR rate has gone up and you have no clue what will happen post the Brexit vote. So you run.
  7. But you’ve read blogs about how you should make the most of your time before school starts and want to travel. You wonder how to do that given the to-do list. Your savings don’t look that great at the moment either. You run some more again.
  8. You are overwhelmed given the various opportunities Oxford has to offer. Someone says that you need to be absolutely sure about what you want to do while someone else tells you that you should come with an open mind because the course has so much more to offer. So you pull up your socks and run faster.

But the only difference is- you don’t run away from your to-do list. You run towards it, as fast as you can, to tick things off one by one.

Because, what is the point of all the hard work you put into researching B-schools, preparing for GMAT, finishing the essays and getting into the school of your choice, if you don’t make a plan and work towards achieving it. So with an added bounce in your step, you decide to go home and kick-start the work.

You look at your phone and see that you’ve run only 2.5 kilometres. So you whine a bit (old habits) but then realise that if you run regularly, you can join the running club at Oxford!

Current situation –

Your plan seems to be pretty much on track. You’ve ticked a few things off your list and come to terms with the fact that you’ve missed some deadlines. You’re running (not as regularly as you’d planned) and adding new things to the list in the process.

The joy of finishing a task and your enthusiasm when you learn of something new the University has to offer motivates you to work harder and do better.

If this is what the next year has in store, I couldn’t be more excited!

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