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By Nitisha Agrawal

Prologue: The ABC

(A)nxious, (B)right-eyed and (C)onfident, these three words perfectly describe the feelings I have been going through right from 16th October, 2015 (the day I got my acceptance letter from Oxford Saïd) up until now. Eagerly waiting for the course to start on September 19th, 2016, I divided my next few months into 3 chunks.

The first 3 months primarily entailed exhilaration and networking. I was super excited to know that I would be a part of the 900+ years of culture and heritage that Oxford holds. I began networking to share my joy with other students who would be joining me at Oxford Saïd this year. I also contacted alums and current students to know about their experience. They all had one thing to say, “This is a one year MBA course. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it”.

During my next 6 months, I took on an extremely challenging role outside my comfort zone to become more adept at handling ambiguity in addition to other qualities I honed and learnt. I moved on from being a Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs to the City Manager at a food tech startup InnerChef. Setting up a brand in a new city required more skills than I had but I had decided to learn swimming the hard way. With the confidence placed in me by the co-founders, I excelled in my role learning to manage people, finances, marketing and operations. This experience brought about a humbler, a more passionate and a more self aware me.

10 weeks to go ! This email from Saïd Business School then landed in my inbox. This third chunk of my time will involve….just so many things. Catching up with friends, spending time with family, completing the Wall Street Prep, preparing for the consulting lab, reading books, getting my visa (most importantly!) and numerous others that I haven’t listed.

It’s amazing to do all of the above with our small and tightly knit family on Telegram with over 270+ current students. I am amazed and intrigued by the different walks of life that everybody in our class comes from. As much as we all are looking forward to meeting each other and beginning the session, I am sure everyone will agree with me on, “We’ve only just begun, you’ll find us chasing the sun.”

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