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By Nitisha Agrawal

Lessons a rejected visa taught me

“Your processed visa application will be delivered to the chosen address.” Yay! This message I thought would help me check my visa off my checklist but little was I ready to be surprised otherwise. With the new lesser restricting rules and a low student visa rejection rate, I had some (bad) luck by chance, hadn’t I? With a rejected visa in my hand, the next two obvious thoughts were: A, write to the college and B, create a new application in order to get my visa before the date my ticket says I need to fly.

While awaiting a reply from the college as it was their off business hour, I created a new application with the only change being my tuition fee as I had paid the complete amount and assumed the CAS (not CAS number) could be updated with this information. I hit submit. I move on to the payment page…and bam! I encountered the most unexpected and deplorable message when you are in a hurry. It said, “The IHS payment site is under maintenance, please try later!”. Cursing my luck, I went back to read the rejection letter completely and in the meantime also received a response from the college. I was shocked and filled with gratitude on reading their email. It said that I needed a new CAS number and that the previous one could not be updated. Had the IHS payment site not been down I would have lost my visa fees! Luck isn’t all that bad I realized, it has its reasons am sure. (Non believers of luck? We can save this conversation for over a drink 🙂 )

Lesson no. 1Haste is waste. The panic and hurry served me no purpose. Under any situation, hang on, take a step back, pull yourself out of the situation and think. Use a third eye if necessary and available before you act but definitely give yourself some time to respond, not react!

Lesson no. 2Lock your box. Let me explain. I believed the statement “Leave your work before you get home” is over hyped until this happened. When I got to know my visa was rejected, I was on a holiday spending time with my maternal family. On one hand I was enjoying family time and knew this would be the last time I would be seeing them for a year at least and on the other hand I was going through multiple emotions of anger, sadness and fear. What I learnt that day was to box and compartmentalize my feelings and address them appropriately and not let them affect my here and now. The story after that? You all know 🙂

Difficult two weeks I must say, the wait seemed longer than I can remember. I could have done with more good news when a mail flew into my inbox announcing my selection in the peer supporter programme. Excited? Check! Visa? Check! Packing? In progress!

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