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By Isadora Dias

My MBA experience from an artistic perspective

The first two months have passed, and the MBA programme has been a very intensive, as expected. Also, I had some delightful surprises on my way, and today I am sharing the one that amazed me most.

The MBA launch week was a blast! Two weeks to meet around 330 inspiring new colleagues from all over the world, covering a broad spectrum of interests. It doesn’t matter what are you passionate about, for sure there will be someone who shares the same passion or can talk to you about the subject with a complementary point of view. And in my case, I am glad to discover so many people interested about arts, among my colleagues and faculty!










Engaging with the Humanities event, leadership insights from understanding dynamics in a choir

The school plays its role: the building has art pieces in many corridors, and it is a breath of fresh air to contemplate those while rushing from one lecture to the other. Apart from that, the school organizes talks and events with arts and humanities perspectives towards business. Also, many talented colleagues have the opportunity to join Oxford and its Colleges in artistical performances, such as orchestra and dancing.












Orchestra at Sheldonian Theatre, MBAs watching and MBAs playing

Outside the school, Oxford has incredible museums with a diverse art collection, which organizes many events, including night visits and talks about art. Architecture is likewise spectacular, and not only because of the famous historical buildings, but also lively examples of modern architecture, as my admired college St Catherine´s. It excites me to live in a building with design everywhere, from the overall geometry and its connection to nature, to details as the door´s nob and original cutlery. Every centimeter was designed carefully by Arne Jacobsen.

I truly believe in the power of art to connect people, as a fundamental way of expressing yourself, whatever form it comes. Being able to experience it all at the same time discussing how art may be used in business context, or the business of arts and culture itself, is a unique chance that I am embracing.












St Catherine´s, geometry and nature. Living and studying in the college is very inspiring













Original cutlery in one of the formal dinners held by the college. Dinners are a truly Oxford experience!

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