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By Amanda Forman

A few things I’ve learned about MBAs so far

It’s week 9 and Oxford is now for the grads as most of the freshers and undergrads have vacated for the holidays. The libraries and sessions are full of classmates working on finishing group projects and studying for our impending analytics exam.

A few things I’ve learned about MBAs so far.

MBAs travel in packs – and it’s awesome! Everywhere I go, I know that there will be amazing people to hang out with. From the very first Bop we went to at Linacre to the Gilbert and Sullivan ball that had no music during dinner – this group can make even the dullest party a good time. I love that about our class.

MBAs look out for each other. I have learned more from my classmates then anyone else. The degree to which people are willing to pitch in and help each other is what makes this community a truly special place. As they say at the Oxford Union, you know who you are. Thank you!

MBAs relate everything to the MBA. We were watching the movie Elf the other day and the terms “Muda” and “Bottleneck” were part of the chatter. Can’t escape the things we’ve been learning or the mannerisms that we’ve picked up from our professors. We’ll see how watching Star Wars goes at the end of term – please no business finance references!

MBAs like to complain, I mean, fix things. Being part of a group of people that has such incredible thoughts and ideas about how to improve things is a unique experience. I love how we can push each other to be better, work harder and streamline things. And many are actively working at improving the process for future classes, building upon the past to leave an even better future.

MBAs are all in. Whether it is rowing (had some high finishes in the Christ Church Regatta for Novices this year), our Blues athletes (Rowing, Volleyball, Futbol, Tennis, Hockey etc), musicians (singing opera, playing in a cafe or performing in the Sheldonian in an orchestra), cultural events (homemade sushi for taste of japan, dancing the night away at Diwali, glitter at German Christmas) or just generally having a great time, this class is on the team 100%.

There is lots more to learn about MBAs, but for now, I’m just so happy to be experiencing Oxford with this incredible group of people.

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