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By Vee Tyamzashe

Get to know Vee Tyamzashe

Q1. In one word, how would your best friend describe you, and how would you manager describe you?

Best friend: Charismatic
Manager: Dedicated

Q2. Tell us about where you have come from and what has led you to Oxford.

South African by nationality but born and raised in Zimbabwe. I have lived mainly in South Africa but I have worked in South Africa and New York as an auditor at first and later as a business analyst. My area of expertise is auditing and providing financial services related to Private Equity, investment management and banking. During my 6th year of work, I experienced a severe medical setback due to stress, and some months later got promoted to a senior management position. I had to decide whether I actually loved what I did, and if I was happy, and whether 40 years from now I would be proud of the path I had taken. The answer was No, as my life was simply driven by climbing the corporate ladder and not adding value to other peoples lives or the world. Social impact became my goal and Saïd Business School is the best school when it comes to pivoting into a social impact sector.

Q3. What have you done to prepare yourself for the MBA?

The moment I knew I was accepted by Oxford Saïd I resigned from my job at Deloitte and got a job as a business analyst in a Guarantee issuing company. The purpose was to broaden my skill set and have a more holistic view of business.

Q4. What do you hope to gain from completing your MBA?

I would like to leave Oxford with a clear sustainable solution to the lack of education in Africa, and to build a network that will help me succeed in Social Impact investment .

Q5. What is the best advice you received before commencing your MBA?

Don’t focus on doing what you already know, challenge yourself to do everything you haven’t done.

Q6. What part of the programme are you most looking forward to?

The impact lab

Q7. What do you think will be the most challenging part of the programme?

Time management given there are so many things to do, both academically and socially.

Q8. How do you plan to take the learnings from the MBA to influence positive change?

My focus is to start a social impact investment fund and enterprise to provide quality free education

Q9. Are there any sport teams, societies, or clubs you’re hoping to become a member of?

Tennis team, Impact Lab , MBA Impact Investing Network and Training, MBATs Fifa team.

Q10. Lastly, what’s your favourite hashtag?


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