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By Mahak Dhameja

What just happened?

I packed my bags overnight and came home to India, in the middle of my MBA. I don’t know if I will ever sit in the lecture room or go for serene walks near the river stream behind my apartment, or if I will ever attend MBA get-togethers with my people. It’s like I have been woken up from a dream, in which I was in Oxford.

I sometimes wonder, had I got a time machine and I could see the future while deciding to do MBA in FY 2019-2020, I would have known that there would be a virus which would disrupt the normal functioning of all systems.

Regardless, my expected value of this perfect information would have been negative, because:

• When you are practising in Analytics how to do regressions to weigh critical elements and trends on which the virus spread depends,
• When you are learning in Organisational Behaviour how people take different roles and decisions in organisations internally and externally to exercise influence during change,
• When you are studying how innovations happen given any crisis situation or disruption in the external environment in Innovation strategy classes,
• When you understand rising market prices of certain commodities and the falling share prices through valuations through the concepts of Firms and Markets,
• When based on Global Opportunities and Threats learnings, you give equal importance to note the environmental impacts,
• When you can observe how emerging technologies are having a deep impact on every aspect of social life as taught in Leading Digital Transformation, keeping in purview data privacy, cyber threats, ethics etc.
• Finally, when you know you are an entrepreneur at heart if you start seeing problems as opportunities, embedded in our thinking process during Entrepreneurship Project classes

– there wouldn’t have been a better year to do an MBA.

Yes, I agree, it’s difficult. It’s difficult because I have no clue where I will be after September – both geographically and career-wise – as my job offer is on hold and my internship is cancelled.

Still, I am optimistic. I understand the value of building networks who will support me, be it my cohort and alumni from Oxford and my undergraduate university or people from companies I have worked in in the past. I also believe in myself, being aware of my own weaknesses and strengths. This confidence is based on what I see when I open my LinkedIn, all the students across the world are in the same boat of uncertainty and each one is eager to help one another find opportunities and solace during these hard times.

It’s this time when the whole world is separated by restrictions, but all of humanity is fighting together against the same enemy. I am sad that we are losing so many lives, but I am glad we now understand the importance of human interactions, we are now aware that we are still behind the times in terms of technological development and we are all certain from now on that we can triumph in the worst of situations.

A glimpse of my dream! MBA dinner at St. Catz college as a celebration of completing half of the MBA course

Stay safe, practice self-care and most importantly help everyone you can. Kudos 😊

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