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By Dalina Morón

My personal growth journey on the Oxford MBA

Like many of my classmates when I first joined the MBA I was a little bit lost on what I wanted to do after graduation. For those thinking of getting an MBA: you will meet classmates that evoke confidence. They get to their MBA programs with certainty and determination. From the start they know which industry, company, and sometimes even how to get there. It can be a little bit overwhelming for those less sure. Others are unsure until the end of the program and try to live in the present, which is totally admirable. But for those like me, that can’t leave these life decisions to the last minute – and stress about it: do not despair. There are ways to figure things out.

When I started, I decided I needed to know more about the industries, companies and career paths available. I was trying to cover everything that could possibly appeal to me, from consumer goods, to consulting, to entertainment and impact investing. I’ve been reaching out to people on LinkedIn, ever since a few months before the classes even started. And getting on 1:1 calls, learning about their careers and where they work. I basically started on the companies with structured MBA hires, because you need to apply to those programs in advance, and later on move to start-ups.

Through that slow and constant process I’ve been narrowing down what I truly like, learning more about myself on the journey. My process was compiling information, tips and details about company cultures. And then checking with myself what could work and what couldn’t work with me. I also attended corporate events, some organized by the School, others by student clubs. Through that process I was able to narrow it down to tech. The industry where I actually started. It’s been fascinating to realize I truly belong there.

Regardless of your personal journey, there is no perfect recipe. But if you are unsure of what you want, reach out. Talk to people. Be honest with yourself. And above all: be patient. Some of these decisions will take you months. And that’s OK.

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