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By Joyeeta Das

Invest wisely: invest in you

“Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.” John Kenneth Galbraith

One of the things that I focussed on, in this MBA, was myself.

I did after all spend time, money and a significant investment of life to do it for me – right?

Yes I contribute to the community, I try to do my bit wherever I can and provide value in an area or topic where I could enhance the experience of other’s who are exploring their MBA journey with me – BUT – it is easy to get misled by your treacherous mind.

It is easy to use that as an excuse to get wrapped up in fixing “the outside”- a classic human syndrome where something is always wrong with the “people”, “system”, “world” etc and needs fixing by you or if not fixing, ‘judgement’ and hence ‘behavioural change’.

Maybe there is a lot around us that needs fixing and maybe we should. That is what the whole “world scale” embedding is about – is it not ? However, there is tremendous opportunity to “fix yourself” too!

Sometimes we find that there is a long queue ahead of us and we hate it but is that an opportunity to see if you could really be patient for 10 minutes with a complete set of strangers?

Maybe the fact being spoken about in class resonates nothing with your experience but is that an opportunity to re-check if you have the appetite to digest facts without using your emotional filters? Pehaps it is a clue to see something you missed out all your life.Is it possible that someone did read Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan and found it interesting while you did not?

Is it possible that when you do not get something you really wanted to – it is a chance to reconsider your bidding strategy in life? If someone says something that makes absolutely no sense to you –then is it time to change your time investment in that person – or maybe ‘thought investment’? If you hate a particular approach- then is it a chance to be neutral and just observe the new approach- who knows you could learn (if nothing )– at least the art of tolerance ?

This is a year when the world has given you a waiver off taxes, off your responsibilities, no one expects a pay check – this is a year of Gratis! After seven years of work experience; I never thought I could get such a huge time of my life just to work on myself all over again.

Believe it or not, it is a privilege not many get. I did not get it easily – I fought for this chance for years before I could make it happen financially, emotionally and physically. So those who got here way earlier than me – I really envy you. I wish I could have done this years ago.

It is easy to find a flaw with all that is around us and indeed there are flaws in our world but let’s face this, never in our lives will we ever get the time or power to change everything or everyone around us. The status quo will exist and constantly struggling with it is a recipe for nervous disaster not to mention inculcating an attitude that will only bring you dissatisfaction in life.

SO NO – Please Do not tolerate injustice – human beings are a product of stimulus and thought and action so I am not urging you to take away your response to stimuli but next time you have a problem with something or someone around you and it makes you want to either judge them or avoid them or try to fix the problem – just stop and ask yourself is there a gap in yourself that could be fixed using this discomfort?

Does this point to something you could end up fixing in you? It is a lot easier to change yourself than the Universe around you. This year is about showcasing yourself, yes, but it is a lot more about YOU.

You took time off, travelled to a new country, spent a whole lot of money and gave up your life so that YOUR Life becomes better, useful and joyous.

So this is primarily about YOU. Time to remind yourself, that we are halfway through the course.

Invest in yourself. The returns last forever…..

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