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By Jiraporn (Jay) Yuttasri

Exploring new experiences at Oxford

It has been two months since I started my journey as an Oxonion and lived among elegant historic buildings. I still remember the time about one year ago when I was working on my MBA application and reading Oxford MBA blogs. Beyond useful and insightful stories about classes and the business school, they talked about colleges, formal dinner, matriculation, MCR, MBAT, BOP, to name but a few, all of which I had no idea. Based on my experience so far, however, I can ensure that these “Oxford things” will make your MBA experience unique and wonderful.

Unlike MBA programmes at many other universities, the Oxford MBA offers tons of opportunities to meet and connect with students from other disciplines.  The reason is that, at Oxford, we are not only members of the business school, but also members of a college and the wide university. MCR (committee of postgraduate students) of my college, Hertford College, organises activities, such as wine and cheese tasting, jazz concert and BOP (a college party often with fancy dress themes), almost every day. This is a great opportunity to get to know other Hertford students, learn from their perspectives and definitely have fun together!

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For those, like me, who want to explore new experiences, Oxford is the right place to go. At the Oxford University’s Freshers Fair, I was amazed by hundreds of clubs and societies. These include Harry Potter society for Harry Potter fans, which does have the sorting ceremony for new members! Volunteer societies, such as Oxford Companions, offer their members a chance to help the homeless in Oxford. Oxford Microfinance Initiative also allows students to provide consulting services to a microfinance institution in Timor Leste. I signed up for a number of societies, but was able to join only a few of them due to time constraints. Fortunately, after exploring these societies for a while, I found out that OUGC-Oxford University Gliding Club is my particular favourite.

I have never heard about gliding before, but an alumna once told me that if I enjoy a roller coaster, height and excitement, this is a must try for me. Want to know more about gliding? Catch up with me in the next blog.

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