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By Teodora Zareva

What’s the one thing you won’t change this year?

The beginning of a new year is ripe with resolutions to change. I feel we, MBA bunch, are particularly prone to this. Embracing change is a value we nurture. “Giving, receiving and acting on constructive feedback” seems to be our modus operandi. It is hard to find time to stay still, be the same, appreciate stability, especially in these dynamic times. Yet, sometimes, the most important kind of changes we want to see in our lives, are manifested through the process of rigorous permanence.

So, instead of asking about their new year’s resolutions, I asked six of my classmates what’s the one thing they won’t change this year. Here are their answers.

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Wayne Moodaley:

Gore Vidal once said: “I am at heart a propagandist, a tremendous hater, a tiresome nag, complacently positive that there is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.” In contrast, I will continue to hold on to the paradoxical belief that I am completely fallible; that even my most cherished, entrenched and enshrined opinions and views may be flawed, if not by logic, then by intent, action or inaction; but that, despite my fallibility, there remain things that are infallible, perfect and pure – God, good, love, hope and truth.

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Yashna Belliappa:

One thing I won’t change is following my heart even if it means making mistakes and getting my feelings hurt along the way.

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Hussein Sharif:

I hope to keep humble and stay grateful. Life is hard, so I try to remember to count my blessings rather than count my problems.

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Noura Ismail:

I made a promise to myself at the start of 2015 that I would get better at keeping in touch with old friends (as I’ve been notoriously bad at this my entire life!). Since I would be living abroad for the whole of the year, I knew it was more important than ever to be more mindful of this. I started putting reminders in my calendar of when to call certain friends and bought gifts to send randomly in advance – right before I knew things would get hectic from my end – just to remind people that I care and am thinking of them. I can’t express how much this was appreciated and how its overall helped maintain my friendships so well. Now that I’m living far away again in Oxford, I definitely plan to keep this resolution for 2016 and only hope to get even better!

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Bojana Obradovic:

Since two years ago, I’ve gotten much more acquainted with myself through learning, as well as teaching, about my cultural heritage, particularly through dance. It is remarkably liberating, and I never want to lose it as a tool of accessing the feelings of joy, freedom, and desire to be a part of a community.

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Safia Tapal:

One thing I’ve been trying to do for a few years now, and will continue to hold as my resolution for 2016 is to become more comfortable with uncertainty. Change is clearly a factor of life, and having a non-traditional career path, or moving to different places can sometimes exacerbate these feelings of discomfort, and lack of clarity. By learning techniques to capitalise on these feelings and turn them into opportunities, I hope to turn uncertainty into a less daunting part of life.

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