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Top Ten Things I Learned on The Africa Trek

1. The founders of M-KOPA and their Nairobi campus teeming with sharp, happy employees will blow your mind with how much a few Oxford MBAs can achieve in three years.

2. You don’t really know who you are until you’re cranky in pyjamas with no make-up on in another country with the classmates you tried so hard to impress during Launch.

3. That Uber you can’t summon in Oxford will be at your door in 3 minutes in Johannesburg.

4. Saïd Business School has alumni everywhere and they are already rooting for you.

5. Ostrich tastes like steak. Crocodile tastes like chicken.

6. A Kawangware street kid with no formal education can sell a clean cook stove like a Salesforce Account Executive.

7. A SIM card with data is like manna from heaven.

8. Cool things happen when you’re walking through Soweto. (A shoutout to Dawood, the Investec exec who “cut class” to show us around his township on a sunny day.)

9. You can find a Mexican restaurant in South Africa, but they may run out of everything you ordered half an hour ago.

10. If I ever had any doubt that this continent is the next voyage, I don’t anymore. No matter where I physically am, I’ll always be reaching toward Africa.

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