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By Sagar Doshi

Hello, I’m Sagar

And you should read my blog!


Because this blog is ambitious.

How ambitious?

This blog will be the best blog ever to have been written in the entire 920 blessed years of this university, from the time a bunch of wandering lecturers decided to band together to form the first teachers’ union against the oppressive might of wannabe-theologian third sons of new-money Normans[i] all the way up until this very moment.

Furthermore! This blog will be of undeniable use to you as incoming students. And perhaps to the even larger number of you who are not incoming MBAs, but who have nevertheless landed here after wandering the byzantine electronic corridors of the Saïd Business School website.[ii]

How will it be useful?

Well, my blog will focus on the world of opportunities happening just outside the normal business student’s radar.

We are all going to spend a year in the oldest active center of learning in the western world.[iii] What an opportunity to learn! What an opportunity to explore!

It is true, I must admit, that older, wiser, and grayer students have issued me grave warnings. “Your hardest decisions at Oxford,” they say sagely, “will come in choosing how to spend your time.” They’ve said this with a distant and pitying look in their eyes as if seeing me on the other side of a rickety wooden bridge hovering over some Cavernous Chasms of Opportunity Costs.

HOWEVER, it has since occurred to me that there could be no nobler, no more righteous (and no more fun) response to this thoughtful advice than to tantalise[iv] you with even more options with which to fill your time. Although it is true that there will be more than enough activities to keep us busy at Saïd itself, I am quite curious to see what else at Oxford might jiggle our neurons of interest.

I plan to speak (and have already spoken) with others at Oxford who are working on fascinating projects, worthy of your attention and involvement. Each time, I’ll convey back to you the most helpful parts of our conversations and suggest ways for you to get involved or learn more. As an incoming student currently living and writing in Washington, DC, my access will unfortunately be limited by location and time zone, but together, dear Reader, we will persevere.


And so we shall embark on a journey! This journey, like all good journeys, must begin with vows.[v]

Vow the First: I promise to offer you material relevant to your pursuit of becoming a better, more interesting, more perfect sentient being. Oh, and also relevant to your pursuit of getting an MBA.

Vow the Second: I promise to cover new ground. This blog will be most interesting for you and for me if I offer up tidbits of knowledge we haven’t already read elsewhere.

Vow the Third: I promise to be responsive. Direct contact by comments, emails, or social media messages will be very welcome, especially if you have new ideas for me to explore. My email is “at”

Obligatory Zelda Reference

May these three vows fit together as tightly as the three triangles of the Triforce, never to be broken asunder by any aspiring Ganondorf.

And in the meantime, I give you back your day, as I move on in mine.

Da svidaniya!

[i] Nowhere have I said that this would be a historically accurate blog.

[ii] There are, incredibly, 121 distinct links clickable from our navbar alone! I know I said this blog will be ambitious, but I’m unsure if I can compete with this level of <a href> finesse. I tip my hat to you for sheer audacity, SBS navbar designers.

[iii] Not counting those Holy Roman Empire upstarts from the University of Bologna. Let’s just stick with the going practice of pretending they don’t exist and that they don’t have us beat by eight years, and everything will be A-OK.

[iv] You see how quickly I have come to replace my zany American Z’s with subtle British S’s? Even temporary immigrants can assimilate quickly to British culture, my Brexiteer friends!

[v] Actually, I’m not sure about this. My dad used to begin our family road trips to the Wisconsin Dells with a vow that we’d be able to bring a duck home as a family mascot, but did we ever? No! To this day, not one duck graces the family garden. It’s a real disgrace. A quacktastrophe, even.

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