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By Eamon Devlin

My first month studying the #OxfordMBA

It’s been about a month since arriving in Oxford; and honestly, it’s hard to imagine that it has only been that long! So many events and projects have already been kicked off within the business school, and throughout Oxford at large. Throughout this whirlwind of a month, I think a couple things have stuck out above the rest.

The People
First and foremost, the people. It has been marvelous meeting my peers and hearing about both their past and aspirations. I’m continuously inspired hearing how other people have been trying to have a broader impact in the world, beyond just making their own living. The social impact space is a popular area within this year’s cohort, and has really affirmed my decision to attend. But, the good vibrations extend beyond just academics. People have been inclusive and just fun to be around. Whether it’s during a break, after class, or even at times during class, someone is able to make everyone laugh or smile. It may seem like a silly point, however, I think that atmosphere does wonders to improving the ability to relax and really digest what you are being taught.

The Lectures
The other would be the participatory nature of several lectures. I have loved the fact that several classes have involved us (students) really interacting with the material, either through simulations or role-plays. Generally, classes haven’t been straight lectures. This has made much of what we are learning seem more applicable to evaluating past experiences, and I think it will help us apply lessons in the future.

There is still plenty of time left for this year, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store. Because, thus far has been phenomenal. Hopefully the rest of the year is as good as its been thus far!

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