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By Werner Bosman

Goodbyes are tough…

Before arriving in Oxford, most of the talk revolves around congratulations, excitement, possibilities and adventure. Only when the day to start packing comes, does the saying farewell part kick in.

A lot of students leave a great deal behind; A job, a career, financial stability, a home, friends and most importantly, family. It is quite something to pack up all your belongings into just two 23kg bags, arrive in a country you have never been to before, and try and settle in as quickly as possible.

Add to this a great deal of admin to sort out such as bank accounts, communication setup, bills, registration… suddenly everything can be somewhat overwhelming.

But after a few days, and with a lot of assistance and support, you start finding your feet. The college staff (at Teddy Hall) have been amazing. The porters, accounts staff, college office, warden, and the cleaners (‘scouts’ in Oxford!) are helpful in every possible way.

Making friends seem to happen naturally (with some small effort). For example, I received this letter in my gate on my first day:
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This week we will start our MBA programme with an intense two-week launch at Saïd Business School. The fortnight is jam packed full of introductions, lectures, career developments, networking and social activities. The team at Saïd seems to be next-level organised and I am truly excited to get the programme officially kicked off.

Goodbyes are tough, but it helps when your new destination receives you with open arms.

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