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By Valerie Aguiar

A Day in the Life of a REVOLT Intern

During the MBA, I worked with Mars Catalyst to organise the Oxford Responsible Business Forum. From my work with the Mars team, I was introduced to REVOLT, a uniquely “independent purpose consultancy that harnesses the power of branding to create real change in the world” where I will be completing an Associate Consulting Internship. Every day is different at REVOLT, but here’s what a typical day looks like for me:

7:52 am – Arrive at Paddington station and stop for a coffee once I get into the train station (with my reusable Saïd Business School Keep Cup, of course).

8:30am – Arrive at REVOLT in the heart of Camden Market and head over to the breakfast station. Yes, there is a breakfast station! In true millennial fashion, my go-to brekkie is avocado toast with a dash of hot sauce and a cup of tea. I’ll settle into a seat in the hot desk work area.

8:31am to 12:00pm – Begin work on my summer projects. As my internship was six weeks long, my manager and I aligned on a few core projects related to impact measurement and activating purpose within organisations. Beyond these projects, the team was flexible so I could pick up other projects based on my interests. For example, I’m interested in diversity within organisations and worked with HR to research on how consultancies can recruit diverse talent as well as ensure client work is inclusive. Typically, I’ll work independently and then meet with my manager or other team members for feedback before sending final documents for client presentations.

12:01pm to 12:30pm – Lunch. I usually bring my lunch into the office or head over to the local grocery store to pick up food.

12:30pm to 5:00pm – Continue working on projects. Most of my time is split into research and strategy. For example, I’ll spend time researching topics such as social acceptance or LGBTQ+ rights and distilling my findings into Keynote presentations. Next, we’ll use research findings to develop business strategy for the client.

5:00pm – I usually leave the office around this time because my commute out of the city takes about 1.5h (my manager has been really accommodating about this). The rest of the team work on different schedules based on workload and personal commitments, but a great perk at REVOLT is the flexible working policy!

Interning at REVOLT has been the perfect opportunity to put my Oxford MBA learning into practice. I drew from my experience in the Skoll Center’s Impact Lab and courses like Organizational Behaviour to develop solutions for clients. The internship also taught me more about myself in order to build a career rooted in purpose marketing.

Have a question about interning at REVOLT or the Oxford MBA? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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