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By Chibueze Ewuzie

My journey at Oxford Saïd so far

I can’t believe it’s 3 months since I arrived in the UK and started living this dream of doing a world-class MBA at Oxford and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who contributed to making this dream a reality.

I pinch myself every time I think that I’m here, doing what I always said I would do. So, since T’is the season of sharing, I believe that an update of my experience so far would be a great gift for the season.

Michaelmas term has come to an end, officially marking 1/3 of the program and there’s just so much I could say about my experience so far. My time here has been one of great learning, relearning, and unlearning, and here are a few observations I want to highlight;

  1. Connecting with 355 people from 71 countries has been the most life-changing and humbling experience. I’ve met an olympian, a set of twins running a biotech startup, heirs to billion-dollar enterprises, a prolific pole dancer, a guy from a country I’ve never heard of before (Turkmenistan) to mention a few, all brilliant and impressive set of people connected by a shared purpose to make this world a better place.
  2. Embracing who I am as a person has never been more empowering. Our magic is truly in our individuality and while I am owning mine, it has opened me to so many opportunities and connected me to so many people that I couldn’t imagine possible.
  3. This program has been a test to truly master multi-tasking and time management, a must-have skill for every business leader. Juggling family, classes, extracurricular activities, social activities, and career activities is a wild flex and often leaves me exhausted but I find strength in God’s word every time my resilience is challenged.
  4. FOMO has never been so real! Literally, every second here is laden with activities and I have to consciously and constantly decide which ones serve my purpose, in order to decide what is worth my time or not. This level of steady real-time decision-making requires a strong sense of self and knowing exactly what you want out of the program.
In hindsight, I constantly thought about what impact I wanted to leave here at Oxford. It’s always been my thing to leave a place better than I met it and even though I wasn’t clear how that would play out initially, here are a few things I’ve been up to;
  1. I’ve launched the “SBS Connect” program which is a cross-collaboration among current MBA, EMBA, MMPM, and MFE cohorts, to create connections along with career interests
  2. I created a job board to streamline communications around internships and full-time job vacancies for my cohort
  3. I have initiated an internship career fair to facilitate interactions between employers and members of the cohort ahead of summer
  4. I Co-founded the Oxford Hub of the Impact Consulting Group, a management consulting firm providing high quality, affordable consulting services to socially-driven organizations contributing to achieving the UN SDG’s within Oxford
I’m very fortunate to be in this position to even have experiences to share. It has taken the support of a village to get me here, so I am conscious of making every moment count by being the best I can be and by doing that, letting them know I don’t take their investment in me for granted.
Finally, if there are any takeaways from this write-up, especially for incoming students, it would be;
  1. Be a person of value. Opportunity follows value and you should seek to be associated with it.
  2. Give of yourself freely to your peers within the cohort. Your gift will make a way for you, so make it a habit to contribute in a positive way to the experience of others.
  3. Be prepared to unlearn stale things, learn new things, and relearn the things you need to stay with you.
  4. The program will stretch you financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically, so don’t be shy to ask for help and speak up if you feel overwhelmed.
  5. Stay humble, stay thankful, and be a beacon of positivity wherever you find yourself.

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