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If you are looking for a frank, “no holds barred” perspective of the life of an MBA student at Oxford, I’m your guy. I’ll be blogging about married life and transportation woes too!

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Posted by: on January 20, 2015

Easier than expected…

So the first term is finally over. Even with the extension of exams week to after the holiday break, my assessment of the Oxford MBA workload over the past few months is that it was actually much easier than expected. From the start of my wife’s one year MBA programme in Boston, she was constantly […]

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Posted by: on November 4, 2014

Death on the railway

“What was that?” said Pratik. “I have no idea. Never heard that before.” I replied. It sounded like gravel hitting a windshield, something you would typically experience driving through the countryside, not in a First Great Western train on its way from Oxford to London. Pratik and I were on the 18:31 Friday night service […]

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Posted by: on October 15, 2014

What in the world am I doing here?

Ok, so I must admit that the title of this blog is mostly click-bait. Having never done any sort of blogging before, I thought I would follow the seemingly standard way for news organizations to get page views nowadays. Although I chose the slightly sensationalistic title, there is a bit of realism to that self-reflective […]

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