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Having lived in eight countries across four continents, I am the chaotic blend of a multi-cultural background. When not asking “why”, I entertain an equal affection for “why not?” I get excited about learning effective approaches to using business skills as part of solving the world’s most pressing problems. Between glasses of wine paired with great conversation, I can be found covered in sugar from my latest baking project, collecting random experiences in places I’ve never been, and wandering the endless thought paths of a good book.

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Posted by: on October 19, 2016

Mind Over Medal

I’m teaming up with Sagar to feature our MBA classmates. One of the things I’m trying to work on this year is just plain discipline. While I used to love sports, now my dread of the anticipated soreness discourages me from a strenuous workout. I have a drink instead and tell myself that I’ll jog […]

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Posted by: on October 11, 2016

Under the Polished Veneer

“Why do you go to work? To increase shareholder value? What a load of b**l. Lots of people go to work for family, to get away from family, because they enjoy it, but nobody goes to work to increase shareholder value!” As I smoothed down the lapels of my blazer, berating myself for not having […]

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